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Excited young boy and girl in virtual reality pod chairs; looks like they're riding a fast roller coaster around a castle in the sky
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If you’re looking for fun things to do in San Luis Obispo, then Virtual Reality Chair should be on top of your list. Using the cutting edge virtual reality technology, Virtua Entertainment brings you 360 degrees of exploration and immersion. You can take a trip to outerspace or enjoy the full effects of riding in an amusement park. Whether you’re 5 years old or 85 years old, The Virtual Chair offers the perfect ride for everyone to enjoy. 

A Truly Unique Experience

The Virtual Reality Chair truly pushes the boundaries of virtual technology in order to bring you a highly realistic 3D experience and guarantees to deliver the most exhilarating ride of your life. 

The good news is that you now have access to this highly  entertaining experience here locally, dominating the list of the most exciting things to do in SLO. Here is what some locals had to say about their experience:

An incredible birthday present. The best virtual reality experience!!

Alberta Lopez

June, 2021

I never seen  anything like this before. Super fun games, my kiddos love it. The best virtual entertainment in Central Coast 

Ilario de Palo

July, 2021

I reserved it for my wedding and was totally a blast for all my guests.

Francis McColumm

July, 2021

Young boy and girl sitting in virtual reality pods with VR console and flat screen monitor showing what riders see

Without getting too technical, the VR Chair consists of a dual-chair unit that is driven by 3 different mechanical cylinders which move the occupants in multiple directions, giving them the impression that they’re part of the 3-D movie that they’re watching at the same time. This creates a dynamic experience since riders go through the motions of every twist and turn as they ride on a roller coaster, and feel the vibrations of an engine roaring. The movie is shown through high tech goggles which create a complete 360 degree vision, providing the rider the most immersive movie experience they’ve ever had. And of course none of this is possible without a Hi-Fi amp speakers to achieve full surround sound. To enhance the experience of a 3D environment even more, there is an air jet on top of the VR Chair that releases air at just the right moments during the rides, a leg sweep and a back poke that will surprise even the most experienced virtual reality riders.

What is a Virtual Reality Chair?


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